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As dental technology continues to improve, we incorporate high-tech tools in our daily practice at Kenneth G. Edwards, DDS. We want to make sure your experience in the dental chair is as comfortable as possible—and quicker than ever.

Read below to learn more about the technology we use to make your time in our office as efficient and as relaxing as possible.

3Shape Intraoral Scanner

This technology improves digital dentistry as well as the patient experience. Not only are restorations made from the digital process delivered more precisely, but there are fewer adjustments, so there is a definite time savings advantage. This digital technology also eliminates the gagging fears many patients have when visiting the dentist.


Mouthguards are a form of dental protection that covers your teeth. Dr. Kenneth Edwards may recommend the use of mouthguards in order to protect your teeth from injury during physical activity and sports or from grinding your teeth.

Common reasons for mouthguards include:

  • Protect your from grinding or clenching while you sleep (bruxism)
  • Protect teeth from injuries while you play sports or exercise
  • Reduce snoring and help obstructive sleep apnea.

Digital X-rays

At Family Dental, digital x-rays allow doctors to make an accurate diagnosis regarding oral health issues; Dr. Edwards can see internal oral structures that cannot be viewed during a visual examination. For patients, they benefit from the reduced radiation that digital x-rays emit. Our Family Dental staff can easily share digital x-rays with other doctors, insurance providers, and store them in your patient records. 

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