Dentures in Amherst, NH

couple smiling with dentures in amherst nhIf you are struggling to live with the loss of multiple teeth, daily life can become quite challenging. Besides having trouble chewing and eating the nutritious foods you used to enjoy, you might also start to feel self-conscious about the appearance of your smile. Your diet, confidence, and self-esteem may begin to suffer, which can spill into other aspects of your life like your job and your relationships.

Did you know that missing teeth can cause many other problems as well? Tooth loss can make speaking clearly and eating difficult, and if you don't remedy the problem, the other teeth in your mouth will shift to fill the empty spaces. This causes a misalignment of your teeth, which can cause pain in your jaw joint and could also lead to bone loss, which results in more tooth loss.

Dentures in Amherst, NH can restore your smile and bite, whether you're missing just a few teeth or all of your teeth. You can wear dentures on your upper arch, lower arch, or both. Whether tooth loss is through decay, genetics, or trauma, dentures are a cost-effective solution if you've lost several teeth that can help restore the appearance and function of missing teeth.

At the Amherst, NH dental office of Dr. Kenneth Edwards, we work hard to provide our patients with a beautiful and durable smile, and you owe it to yourself to learn what may be possible for you. Imagine how confident you'll feel again with a restored smile!

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The Difference Between Complete and Partial Dentures

Dentures and partials in Amherst, NH can be an ideal solution for patients who are missing most or all of their teeth. Dentures are a removable replacement for your missing teeth and are not permanently fixed in your mouth, which makes them easy to clean and maintain.

If you are missing all of the teeth in one arch, or if Dr. Edwards determines that all of the teeth in an arch need to be extracted, we will fit you with complete dentures. If you still have quite a few healthy teeth remaining, we can use partial dentures instead. 

Complete dentures are typically made of acrylic and are designed to look like natural teeth and gums. We custom-fit complete dentures to your mouth and, with a proper fit, they should stay in place without using denture adhesive. Surgical tooth implants can also support complete dentures for a more secure fit.

Our Amherst, NH dentist creates partial dentures by attaching replacement teeth to a metal or plastic base. We only include the missing teeth in the partial denture, and your device gets supported by a metal framework that is held in place using your remaining natural teeth.

If you're struggling with the loss of multiple teeth, an evaluation with Dr. Edwards is the first place to get started in learning about the options for reclaiming your smile and your confidence.

The Process to Complete Your New Smile

We customize your dentures just for you, and no two cases are alike. We want to make sure that you're entirely comfortable with the function, look, and feel of your new smile, so the denture process can take anywhere from just a few weeks to a few months, depending on whether we need to make additional adjustments. 

Once you decide to move forward with dentures, fitting you for them will require a few visits to our Amherst, NH dental office. We will check the fit of the support structure, verify the appearance of the teeth by setting them in wax and fitting them into your mouth, and perform a final fitting and adjustment once all elements of the denture are complete. Dr. Edwards designs full and partial dentures for his patients with the utmost care, making sure they complement facial features and provide an exceptional fit.

If you need to have teeth extracted, we’ll allow extra time for the extraction sites to heal to ensure a proper fit of your dentures in Amherst. We may fit you may with temporary dentures during this period, so you'll never be without your smile.

Adjusting To and Caring For Your Dentures

Wearing traditional dentures does require patience as you get used to your new smile. When you initially start wearing dentures, it will feel strange and may require an adjustment period. You may experience excess saliva production, difficulty pronouncing words and chewing, and minor discomfort. However, these challenges should all clear up after a few days. If they don't, please call your Amherst dentist for a follow-up because we may need to adjust your dentures.

Plan to eat soft foods cut into small bites for the first few days while you are getting used to eating with your new teeth. Chew on both sides of your mouth, which allows you to adjust to the dentures quickly and identify any areas of discomfort that need to be looked at by Dr. Edwards.

At first, we may recommend that you wear your dentures all the time, including when you sleep. Once your mouth has adjusted to the appliance, you can remove it at bedtime for cleaning and soaking. 

Just like natural teeth, dentures require daily cleaning. We can recommend appropriate products to help you keep your dentures clean and instruct you on the best ways to ensure longevity for your oral appliance.

The Advantages of Implant-Supported Dentures

Are you currently living with a denture that doesn't stay put when you talk or eat? Or maybe you're concerned about getting a denture due to the horror stories you've heard from full dentures in amherst nhother denture wearers?

We have good news for you! We can also use dental implants to support your dentures and put your mind at ease so you no longer have to worry about a denture that moves or slips out of place.

Four strategically placed tooth implants can anchor into your jawbone and provide support for a denture that is designed to "snap" into them. Dental implants secure your denture and hold it in place, which eliminates any movement or slippage when you talk or eat. Dr. Edwards designs implant-supported dentures in Amherst that you can either remove for daily cleaning or that are held in place permanently and only removed during your professional teeth cleanings.

Tooth implants also help stimulate your jawbone, which protects you from the bone loss that often happens when you wear traditional dentures. This means you'll have better longevity with your implant-supported denture.

Dr. Edwards can discuss which option may be the right choice for you during a denture evaluation, which is the first place for you to start whether you're considering traditional or implant-supported dentures.

Would You Like to Learn More About Dentures?

If you are living with multiple missing teeth, and you're interested in your options for restoring your smile, complete or partial dentures may be the solution you've been waiting for. You can rest assured that today's dentures are not the unsightly alternative your parents or grandparents had to deal with! 

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