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Do I need a crown after a root canal?

root canal amherst nhMost of the time, crowns and root canals go hand in hand, and there are many good reasons. Often by the time decay has reached the point of requiring a root canal, it is simply too extensive to fill with a filling, and a filling that large would be likely to fall out or require frequent replacement. Amherst dentist Dr. Edwards recommends dental crowns as the most reliable long-term solution to a tooth treated with a root canal.

After a root canal, your tooth can also become more brittle and subject to cracking and breaking. There's no longer a root providing blood flow to the tooth, which does make it weaker. A dental crown offers protection from cracking and chipping of the vulnerable tooth.

The Purpose of a Dental Crown

Dental crowns can also protect the tooth from recurring decay. A recurrence of decay in a tooth with a root canal will not manifest as a toothache since there is no nerve in the tooth. This means decay can make its way deep into the tooth, sometimes compromising it to the point of requiring extraction.

There are occasional exceptions, but in most cases, a dental crown is your best option to restore your tooth after a root canal. Crowns are beautiful, strong, and offer protection and structure to keep your tooth happy and healthy after your root canal. If you have questions about dental crowns or would like to make an appointment, call our Amherst dental office today.

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