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What is TMJ?

relieve jaw pain | tmj treatment amherst nhYour TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, is the point at which your lower jaw attaches to your skull. The joint is very flexible, allowing you to move your mouth in many different ways to talk, laugh, smile, and eat, but this flexibility also makes it vulnerable to inflammation and damage.

TMJ Disorder

Temporomandibular joint disorder, known as TMJ or TMD, is when this joint becomes inflamed. There are many causes of TMJ, including arthritis, injury to your jaw, even an improper bite can cause  TMJ. It can be difficult to diagnose, as there are many symptoms and you may have just a few, some, or all of them.  Jaw pain, popping in the joint, and the jaw locking either open or closed are some of the most common symptoms.

What You Can Do?

If you have TMJ there are several treatment options available, depending on the severity of your TMJ. Amherst dentist Dr. Edwards can make a recommendation of one or more treatments including anti-inflammatories, a bite guard, hot or cold therapy, and relaxation techniques. He can also work with your primary physician to create a treatment plan that attacks the TMJ from multiple fronts, if necessary, combining our therapies with others'.

If you are suffering from symptoms of TMJ or have already been diagnosed and want to explore treatment options, contact our Amherst dental office to schedule a consultation.

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