Family Dental
Dr. Kenneth G. Edwards, DDS

Do you accept my insurance? What types of insurance do you accept?

family dentist amherst | dentist amherst nhOur office is partnered with Delta Dental and Cigna as a participating provider. If you are insured under either of these companies, you can be fairly confident that necessary dental care will be covered by your plan. If we think there will be a problem with your insurance coverage, we will let you know at the time of your treatment estimate.

At Family Dental Care, we know that dealing with insurance companies can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. That's why we will bill all insurance companies as a courtesy to our patients. The office staff of Amherst dentist Dr. Edwards will do their best to get your claim paid by your insurance. You will be financially responsible for any balance not covered by your insurance company.

Cosmetic Dentistry Without Insurance

Some procedures may not be covered by your insurance, such as cosmetic dentistry. If your plan does not cover a procedure, Dr. Edwards and his staff will discuss your options. These options may include alternative treatment options and payment arrangements for your out-of-pocket expenses if you opt to proceed with the uncovered procedure. Even if your insurance states a procedure is not covered, we will bill your insurance to verify whether a payment can be made.

If you have further questions about your insurance coverage or want to schedule an appointment, call our Amherst dental office today.