Based on the guidelines published by the CDC, WHO and our professional organizations, the American Dental Association, and the New Hampshire Dental Society, effective March 17, 2020, we are delaying all elective procedures.  We are doing everything to accommodate our patients as we plan to resume a normal schedule as soon as possible. While elective procedures are being delayed, we are remaining open for emergency care. Thank you for your understanding, during these difficult times. 
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Will insurance cover my dental implant?

dental implants amherst nhDental implants are the best option available to replace a lost tooth, but many patients hesitate to get them due to the cost. As dental implants become a more widespread and commonly accepted option for restorations, more and more insurance companies are offering some level of coverage for this procedure. 

If you are interested in dental implants, our Amherst dental office will create a treatment plan, including an estimated cost. At this time we will check with your insurance company to see if your policy's benefits include coverage for dental implants. 

If your insurance covers implants, we will calculate what percentage of the implant should be covered and let you know what your out-of-pocket portion is likely to be. Keep in mind that all amounts are simply an estimate, not a guarantee of payment. You are responsible for any unpaid amount your insurance company does not cover.

Dental Implants Without Insurance

If you do not have insurance, or your insurance plan doesn't cover implants, they still may be an option. We will work with you to make financial arrangements that fit your budget. We want to help make the dental care you need available to you. 

If you are interested in dental implants, or if you have any questions about your insurance coverage, contact our office today.

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