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Can a child overcome the fear of a dentist?

two girls smiling in amherst nhIt's entirely reasonable for children to be scared of the dentist when they are young. Children are often scared of many things, from monsters hiding under the bed to talking to strangers. While many of these fears are outgrown over time, it's important to help teach your child how to cope while they are young. 

Almost 20 percent of children are scared of going to the dentist. This can make it difficult for Dr. Edwards to clean your child's teeth properly. Many adults who have dental anxiety had a lousy childhood experience that was difficult to overcome.

How Can Parents Help?

Your dentist should collaborate with you to work together and make each dental visit smooth and comfortable. Both parents and their dentists play a crucial role in helping the child adapt and become used to oral health care. 

Before the Visit to the Dentist

Let your child know in advance that they are going to the dentist, allow them time to process and get used to the idea. It can be challenging for a child to adjust to a new situation, so waiting until the last minute or just showing up at the dental office can increase their anxiety. 

During the days leading up to the dental appointment, parents can go over what their child should expect during the visit and any fears or concerns that they have. 

Celebrate this milestone by making it exciting and positive! Let them know the dentist will be fun and that they will learn a lot. They will also get a prize for their bravery and good behavior!

Communication is key in helping your child overcome dental fear. Talking about why it's essential to keep their teeth and gums healthy can keep them informed. It's also vital to explain the importance of a dentist and how they help take care of their mouths. 

It's good to let your Amherst children's dentist ahead of time so they are aware and can prepare for the visit. 

We Can Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear

Dr. Edwards and his fantastic dental team are here to work with you and your child. We understand how hard the process can be, which is why we make each dental visit fun and cheerful.

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