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Dr. Kenneth G. Edwards, DDS

Why are children's dentist visits necessary?

kid smiling in amherst nhAt the family dental practice of Kenneth G. Edwards, DDS, we promote good oral health for our young patients. There are many benefits to keeping up with dental cleanings and exams for your child, including:

Healthy Oral Habits Start Young

During your child's visit with us, Dr. Edwards will engage them in a cheerful conversation to talk about their oral health routine, and to show them proper techniques for brushing and flossing.

Visits to the dentists allow us to continue to educate our young patients, as well as help them form lifelong oral health habits. 

Patient Education at All Ages

Regular visits to the dentist will create healthy attitudes towards dental professionals, especially when it begins early. Dr. Edwards believes in teaching children the value of good dental health. 

We Detect Problems Before They Get Big

Dental cleanings and exams are essential for helping us detecting potential dental emergencies or issues. For example, tooth decay is a common problem with children. We can provide treatments and sealants to seal the tooth and reduce the risk of cavities. 

It's important to identify and treat issues early before they become painful and costly. 

Finding a Compassionate Children's Dentist in Amherst, NH

It's vital that your child feels comfortable and can bond with the dentist they will grow up with. We invite new patients to arrange a visit with Dr. Edwards and to have a look at our dental office. 

We want your child to have a healthy and beautiful smile without any fear or anxiety. Our dentist works with parents to figure out a healthy oral health routine and to make sure there aren't significant issues brewing under the surface. Give our Amherst dental office a call today

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