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The Root Canal Process in 3 Steps

January 25, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Kenneth Edwards
Root Canals | Amherst NH Dentist

Root canals have one of the worst reputations of any dental treatment because most people associate them with pain. To set the record straight, however, your trusted team at Family Dental Care wants you to know that it's not root canal therapy causing your pain, but rather your dental infection. The more you understand about a root canal in Amherst, the less anxious you'll feel if you ever need one.

Here's the root canal process in 3 steps:

Step One: See Your Amherst Dentist

You experience a severe toothache or dental pain and contact our office right away. This step is important because the reason you need a root canal is because your tooth is infected, and that won't go away without treatment. If you don't treat your tooth, your infection will become worse and your tooth could be lost. Please contactDr. Kenneth G. Edwards, DDS right away if you're experiencing dental pain.

Step Two: Root Canal Therapy

Once your condition is diagnosed, Dr. Edwards will perform root canal therapy. This begins by ensuring that your tooth is numb, which will also relieve the pain you've been experiencing from the infection. Dr. Edwards will then remove the infected tissue from your tooth through a small access hole in the top of it. Once the infection is cleaned out, your tooth is sealed with a temporary filling and given time to heal. He may also prescribe an antibiotic to help eliminate the infection.

Step Three: Aftercare

After the appropriate healing time has passed, you'll need to restore your tooth with either a permanent filling or dental crown in order to strengthen it once again. Dr. Edwards can help determine which option best suits your needs and perform the treatment when your tooth is ready. 

Most of our patients are pleasantly surprised at how easy and comfortable root canal therapy actually is. We hope that educating you about the procedure will help to alleviate any more unnecessary fears about it. Contact our office today to learn more.

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