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Helping Your Child Develop Good Oral Care Habits

May 18, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Kenneth Edwards
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If you have good oral care habits, you might want to think back to when those first started. When did it start to be second nature to floss and brush regularly? Would you consider it an ingrained “habit,” where you don’t have to give it much thought? Or is it more of a chore you have to force yourself to do regularly?

When you are brushing and flossing your teeth at bedtime, think about instilling these same good practices into the routines of your children. Starting your children on the right path now can set them up for a lifetime of good oral health.

Make Sure Your Kids Practice Good Oral Hygiene

One of the best ways you can build a solid foundation of good oral hygiene habits in your kids is to make sure you are following good habits yourself. Brush and floss along with them, making it a family affair. And start them early. Most dentists say to start showing your children how to brush when their very first tooth erupts. Use a clean damp washcloth to gently wipe those first teeth, until your child is ready to graduate to a soft toothbrush.

Most kids need an adult to help them brush until they have the dexterity necessary to do it themselves—usually around six years old. Teach them to brush gently to protect delicate gum tissue. And don’t forget to help them floss! Child-sized dental picks are easier for small hands to maneuver.

Make Sure Your Kids Can Tell If Their Teeth Are Clean

It’s good for kids to have a goal in mind, so make sure you show them what it means to have clean teeth. Explain to them why it is so important and that it will continue to be important for the rest of their lives. Show them how clean teeth feel when running a tongue across them.

Make sure you and your family practice good oral health care, so your children will learn early how to create healthy habits that last a lifetime. For more information on a kids dentist in Amherst, NH, contact us at Family Dental Care!


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