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Front Tooth Loss Solutions in Amherst

June 27, 2020
Posted By: Dr. Kenneth G. Edwards, DDS Staff

If you have tooth loss, specifically in the front, it can be embarrassing and even interfere with your speaking voice—giving you a pronounced letter “s” sound when communicating. In addition, missing teeth can also cause tooth shifting, which throws off your bite and can lead to further oral health complications – even more tooth loss.

At Dr. Kenneth G Edwards, DDS., we want to help you achieve a beautiful smile that is also functional, a smile that you can be proud to show the world.

Custom Partial Dentures in Amherst, NH

In our dental office, we custom design your partial denture to complement your remaining teeth, complete your smile, and allow you to speak and laugh with ease.

Partial dentures rely on surrounding teeth and sturdy clips for support; partial dentures are restoring teeth connected in a way that they close all the gaps in your smile. Your Amherst dentist will determine whether your remaining teeth are sturdy enough and healthy enough to provide the needed support.

In some cases, when remaining teeth are not healthy, your dentist may suggest extraction to fit you with a full denture. In this case, we also put in the time to make sure your denture is beautiful and functional.

Caring for Your Partial Denture

You can remove your partial denture for cleaning, which is important! You want a dental appliance that is free from bacteria. It is also critical to brush and floss your remaining teeth at least twice each day and visit your dentist regularly for dental checkups and teeth cleanings.

If your support teeth fail or you develop periodontal disease, you may lose your partial denture. Good oral hygiene and dental visits are key.

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