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The Exciting Advantages of Modern Dentures

May 30, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Kenneth Edwards
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Whatever your age, losing your teeth can be a pretty traumatic experience. Your self-confidence can take a hit, and your health might suffer if you find it difficult to eat your favorite healthy foods.

The good news is that today’s modern dentures offer an excellent option for tooth replacement. Wearing dentures no longer carries with it the stigma it once did because dentures today are more comfortable and look more natural than ever before.

If you are facing the prospect of losing your teeth or if you already have teeth missing, contact Dr. Kenneth Edwards to find out more about dentures in Amherst, NH.

Why Are Today’s Dentures So Much Better?

One of the reasons is that modern dentures are designed to fit the mouth better than in the past. Today’s denture-wearers don’t have the worries about their dentures coming loose mid-bite or mid-sentence. In the past, many people turned to messy adhesives to keep their dentures in place, but a better fit today means that isn’t necessary.

What Are Other Options Available with Dentures?

If you want even more security with your dentures, you might want to opt for dental implants to hold them in place securely. Your dentist will usually place four implants in your mouth strategically to attach to the dentures, keeping them in place. Because dental implants integrate with your jawbone, the attached dentures are completely secure. You don’t ever have to remove your dentures if you don’t want to.

Partial dentures are a good option for those people who are missing just a few teeth. Not only will they fill in the gaps of your smile, making it more natural for you to smile and making it easier for you to eat, but they will also prevent the healthy teeth in your mouth from shifting. This will help prevent future tooth loss.

Talk to Dr. Edwards in Amherst, NH, about modern dentures. You will be pleasantly surprised at many advantages they offer those suffering from tooth loss.

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