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Why Dental Office Environment Matters

May 18, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Kenneth Edwards
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For a lot of people, visiting the dentist twice each year can be a real source of anxiety. Even if you don’t suffer from any particular dental  fears, if the dentist office is not a comfortable, welcoming environment, this can trigger nervousness in some. As your dentist in Amherst NH, Dr. Edwards and the team at Family Dental Care go out of their way to ensure that your visit to the dentist is as relaxing and comfortable as possible. Let’s talk a bit about how we do that.

The Importance of Our Office Environment

If you think about most of your trips to the dentist, once you are called back for your appointment, you head into an area of sounds—and not altogether pleasant ones at that. Drilling and cleaning devices are whirring while other patients are having their dental cleanings and treatments done. You are directed to sit in a reclining chair and a bright light is turned on that shines right into you face. Once the prodding starts by the hygienist or dentist, it’s no wonder many people have anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist!

We understand all of this, and it’s why designed our entire office to help ensure a soothing visit, from the start of your appointment to the very end. While the furniture is comfortable and the atmosphere soothing, we know that it is our team in particular that can help make sure you feel good about your visit. You will never feel rushed by anyone, and we are happy to take our time with you to answer questions about treatment or to offer suggestions as far as good home care—or anything else you’d like to discuss. We want you to feel peaceful and relaxed while you are visiting us.  

Your Experience at our Amherst NH Dental Office

We want you to take care of you and your family’s oral health and overall well-being, so it’s important that you make regular trips to the dentist. We believe you will find our atmosphere calming and our staff friendly. Make an appointment at your dentist in Amherst, NH, and find out why dental office environment matters!

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