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Is It a Dental Emergency? Here's How You Can Tell

June 24, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Kenneth Edwards
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Dental emergencies can feel frightening and overwhelming, especially if your tooth is broken or knocked out. But what if you're experiencing pain or sensitivity, and you're not sure if it's a true emergency? Here's some helpful information on handling dental emergencies and when you should call us.

Dental Pain or Sensitivity

If your tooth is feeling sensitive to hot or cold foods and beverages, this is a good time to call us. If the pain goes away, you might be experiencing some decay that should be treated soon before it progresses further. If your pain is constant, this could be indicating a dental infection and should be treated right away.

The important thing to note is that a dental infection will only get worse without treatment, it will not go away on its own. Root canal therapy may be able to preserve an infected tooth when you're proactive about getting care, but an infection left untreated will eventually lead to tooth loss.

A Chipped Tooth

Even the smallest chip in your tooth can diminish your smile and irritate your soft tissues. Give us a call if your tooth is chipped and we can determine over the phone if you should be seen right away, or schedule an appointment. A small chip may not require immediate care, but it should be smoothed to avoid damage or irritation to your gums.

Give Us a Call

If you're experiencing pain, or a chipped or broken tooth, a good rule of thumb is to call us. We're happy to help you determine if your situation is an emergency and when you should be seen. We can often provide advice or instruction over the phone for handling some situations. Even if it's not a true emergency, it's better to be safe than sorry, and we're happy to help!

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