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3 Ways a Crown Protects Your Smile

August 19, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Kenneth Edwards
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Your quiet lunch away from the office took a quick turn for the worst when you felt that telltale crack while biting into your sandwich. Now you have a broken tooth, and it’s starting to feel sensitive. You’re going to have to call your dentist for some relief.

Your dentist in Amherst is likely going to recommend a dental crown to repair your tooth, and here’s why that’s a good thing.

#1: A Dental Crown Maintains Your Natural Tooth Structure

Keeping your natural teeth for as long as possible is always your dentist’s goal, and a tooth crown helps you maintain your natural tooth structure because it fits over it like a cap. This helps rebuild and strengthen a broken tooth or ensures that a tooth severely damaged by decay maintains its integrity. A tooth crown is also necessary for rebuilding a tooth that has been treated with a root canal.

#2: A Tooth Crown Blends Seamlessly With Your Smile

Today’s all-ceramic tooth crowns can be customized to blend perfectly with your smile so that no one will notice your dental work. A porcelain dental crown is an excellent choice for restoring beauty to your smile.

#3: A Dental Crown Protects Your Tooth Root

Choosing a dental crown to restore your tooth allows your tooth root to stay intact, which protects the health of your jawbone that supports your surrounding teeth.

If you have a decayed or broken tooth, Dr. Kenneth Edwards has been restoring smiles with dental crowns in Amherst, NH for nearly 40 years. He would be happy to provide a tooth evaluation and discuss your goals and concerns about your smile with you to determine if a dental crown is the best treatment to suit your needs.

Call Dr. Edwards and his team today at (603) 673-0782 for more information on how we can help restore your smile.

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