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What Probiotics Might Mean for Your Oral Health

If you are already taking probiotics for your gut health, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that these live microorganisms—also known as friendly bacteria—might also be effective at keeping your mouth healthy. New research is identifying probiotics as an effective way to fight plaque buildup, gum disease, and bad breath.

Another way to keep your mouth healthy is to stay up-to-date with twice yearly visits to your Amherst dentist Dr. Kenneth G. Edwards. Is your biannual dental checkup overdue? Call us today to make an appointment!

Some Recent Study Results

There have been a number of studies conducted on the impact of probiotics on oral health. Some of the most recent ...

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Getting Rid of Bad Breath

If you have ever suffered from bad breath, you know firsthand that it can be embarrassing. Sometimes it’s obvious why you have bad breath such as if you have just eaten foods with onions or garlic. But there can be other issues causing your bad breath, including poor oral hygiene, cavities that have gone untreated, and gum disease.

Although bad breath is usually not considered an emergency, you should visit your Amherst, NH dentist Dr. Kenneth G. Edwards to make sure there isn’t a dental reason behind your halitosis.

What to Do About Bad Breath

The most important thing you can do to keep your breath smelling fresh is to make sure you ...

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The Exciting Advantages of Modern Dentures

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Whatever your age, losing your teeth can be a pretty traumatic experience. Your self-confidence can take a hit, and your health might suffer if you find it difficult to eat your favorite healthy foods.

The good news is that today’s modern dentures offer an excellent option for tooth replacement. Wearing dentures no longer carries with it the stigma it once did because dentures today are more comfortable and look more natural than ever before.

If you are facing the prospect of losing your teeth or if you already have teeth missing, contact Dr. Kenneth Edwards to find out more about dentures in Amherst, NH.

Why Are Today’s Dentures So Much Better?

One ...

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The Role of Family Dentistry in a Community

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The oral health of the average American has improved in recent decades, but we still have plenty of room for improvement. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25 percent of American adults have tooth decay that goes untreated. Most of these people are going without even the most basic of dental care, which in turn leads to even more incidents of oral disease.

Good oral health can lead to an improved quality of life for those who are underserved. Patient education is one way to encourage people to take better care of their oral health, and that is why the role of family dentistry is so crucial in ...

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Is It TMJ Dysfunction? These 4 Signs Might Surprise You

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Most people are aware of some of the more common symptoms of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Problems such as jaw pain, headaches, and clicking or popping in the jaw joint immediately bring to mind the joint that hinges the lower and upper jaws. It might surprise most people to learn that TMJ disorders can show up in other parts of your body—not just the jaw and face area.

You might want to keep the following symptoms in mind to determine whether you need to seek TMJ treatment in Amherst.

Neck Pain

The TMJ plays a crucial role in keeping your head sitting on top of your spinal cord. Joint misalignment can cause ...

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Tooth Decay Is the Most Chronic Childhood Disease: Why You Need to Take It Seriously

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There are plenty of things for parents to worry about when it comes to the health of their young children. So when cavities crop up in baby teeth, many parents aren’t too concerned since those baby teeth will eventually be replaced by permanent teeth.

But tooth decay is considered a chronic childhood disease; in fact, it is the most common one. Read on for more information. Then talk to your children’s dentist in Amherst, NH to find out what makes this such a serious problem.

The Stats

Nearly have of all children in this country develop cavities in their baby teeth. Almost a quarter of kids under the age of 11 develop cavities ...

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Did You Know the Company You Keep Plays a Role in Your Dental Health?

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It’s true! Your friends and family do play an important role in your oral health. An assistant professor of health policy and health services research at Boston University came to this conclusion after researchers conducted a study on oral health among residents of a particular area of Boston. The purpose of the study was not only to determine how best to distribute information to people about their oral health but about their overall health as well.

Although you don’t want to give up on family dental care at your Amherst dentist, it’s interesting to consider how your social network might influence the way you take care of your teeth and ...

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