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Tooth Decay Is the Most Chronic Childhood Disease: Why You Need to Take It Seriously

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There are plenty of things for parents to worry about when it comes to the health of their young children. So when cavities crop up in baby teeth, many parents aren’t too concerned since those baby teeth will eventually be replaced by permanent teeth.

But tooth decay is considered a chronic childhood disease; in fact, it is the most common one. Read on for more information. Then talk to your children’s dentist in Amherst, NH to find out what makes this such a serious problem.

The Stats

Nearly have of all children in this country develop cavities in their baby teeth. Almost a quarter of kids under the age of 11 develop cavities ...

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Did You Know the Company You Keep Plays a Role in Your Dental Health?

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It’s true! Your friends and family do play an important role in your oral health. An assistant professor of health policy and health services research at Boston University came to this conclusion after researchers conducted a study on oral health among residents of a particular area of Boston. The purpose of the study was not only to determine how best to distribute information to people about their oral health but about their overall health as well.

Although you don’t want to give up on family dental care at your Amherst dentist, it’s interesting to consider how your social network might influence the way you take care of your teeth and ...

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5 Recommendations for Our Valued Senior Patients

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A lot of people assume that as they age, their bodies will begin to wear out and develop problems, regardless of what kind of lifestyle they have. Many believe they will lose their teeth eventually as well. Neither of these assumptions is true!

By taking good care of your oral health, you should be able to keep your teeth for your entire life. This includes regular brushing and flossing as well as visiting your Amherst, NH dentist twice each year for examinations and cleanings.

Here are five tips that can help to ensure you enjoy a healthy smile for the rest of your life!

#1. Brush and Floss Frequently

We all grew up with ...

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Gums Itching? Causes and Treatments for This Strange Sensation

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Have you ever suffered from itchy gums? It might sound unusual, but gums actually can itch. Is it a benign—but potentially annoying—problem? Or could it be a sign that something serious is going on in your mouth?

Of course, if you ever have questions or concerns about your oral health, you should seek family dental care from an Amherst dentist such as Dr. Kenneth Edwards. In the meantime, let’s take a look at itchy gums and find out what this can mean.

Reasons Your Gums Might Feel Itchy

Itchy gums can occur for a number of reasons, including an allergic reaction or a sign that bacteria has built up between your teeth ...

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Sugar in Kid's Beverages: Surprise!

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There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about sugar consumption, and it might surprise many parents at just how much sugar their kids are ingesting on a daily basis. In fact, CNN reports that according to the Centers for Disease Control, two-thirds of children had at least one sugary drink every day, and 30 percent of children have two or more sugary beverages every single day!

Not only is excess sugar consumption associated with weight gain, high cholesterol, and diabetes, but an increase in dental cavities is a real danger. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research estimates that almost half of youngsters age 12 and ...

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Study Says Americans Want to Get Better about Seeing the Dentist

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It’s a fairly well-known fact: People should visit their dentist twice each year for examinations and cleanings. But how many are diligent about actually getting to the dentist office that often?

A recent survey put out by Delta Dental, however, has revealed that Americans want to do better. In fact, the healthcare practitioner most people in this country want to see more of is their dentist.

At Family Dental Care, we know lives are busy, and it can be tough to get to the dentist as often as we should. We have tried to make it as easy as possible for people to come and see a top dentist in Amherst. ...

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Don't Neglect the Dental Aspect of Your Health Care

Happy Dental Patients | Dr. Kenneth G. Edwards DDS

Your lifestyle is focused on health. You exercise regularly. You eat right. You try to get eight hours of sleep each night. But how long has it been since you have visited the dentist? Neglecting your teeth can contribute to poor overall health, meaning all the good things you to do take care of your body might not be enough.

Even if you are a diligent brusher and flosser, this is generally not enough to ensure healthy teeth and gums. Dental issues can start small, with absolutely no signs or symptoms. You can be blissfully unaware of potential problems until you are in pain with a toothache or find your gums ...

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